In the observable universe there are an estimated 2 trillion (2,000,0000,000,000) galaxies.

Galaxy tumblers are fun to create because each one is unique--no two come out the same. There are many different ways to make them, I like using mica powders to create mine. There is a great Modified Cell Mica and Galaxy Tumbler Tutorial on Tumbler TV that I watched for inspiration.

I started with a gloss black base on my tumbler which Vic powdercoated for me. I then prepped it for epoxy by lightly sanding it and cleaning it with alcohol. This gives the epoxy a better surface to bond to.

Gloss Black Tumbler

I mixed a black pearl mica powder in my epoxy and applied it to the entire tumbler, then I let that spin on the cup turner for about 15 minutes. This gives the tumbler a nice dark shimmery base that adds dimension to the finished product. The cup turned while the epoxy self-leveled and began to cure. When the epoxy started to solidify I was ready to apply the other mica powders. This ensures that the powders do not swirl and move around on the cup after I apply them.

Tumbler with black pearl epoxy

Now comes the fun part! Using a small drinking straw, I packed a small amount of chameleon mica powder into the tip and gently blew it onto the surface of the tumbler. For this cup I used two different types: a blue/green powder and a blue/violet/red/orange powder. Chameleon powders are really fun to use  because they have a beautiful color shifting effect.

Chameleon powder on tumbler

Next I used a small tea strainer to sprinkle more mica powders onto the surface of the tumbler, adding more colors into the design. I like using a tea strainer because it gives me better control of how much mica powder falls onto the tumbler.

Tumbler with more mica colors

Finally I put another coat of epoxy on and sprinkled in some glitter for a little bit of starry sparkle to complete this galaxy tumbler.

Finished galaxy tumbler

Supplies used:

  • HOGG 30 oz. skinny tumbler
  • Extreme Mirror Black powder from All Powder Paints
  • FXPoxy two part epoxy
  • Black Pearl mica powder from Pearl Pleasures on Etsy
  • Dark Dimension chameleon mica powder from Pearl Pleasures on Etsy
  • BVRO-C chameleon mica powder from Backfist Customs on Etsy
  • Peacock mica powder from Backfist Customs on Etsy
  • Purple Heart mica powder from Backfist Customs on Etsy
  • Navy Blue mica powder from Backfist Customs on Etsy
  • Electric Raspberry mica powder from Backfist Customs on Etsy
  • Titanium 2.0 glitter from Backfist Customs on Etsy

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