Happy New Year and welcome to our blog!

Vic's Powder Mugs had an amazing 2019, and Vic and I are so grateful for the support from our friends and customers. We took a short respite after the holiday rush and we are busy restocking the shop for 2020. That includes making more of our most popular tumblers from last year, including:

  • Northern lights glitter tumblers
  • Texas star glitter tumblers
  • Guitar tumblers

2020 brought us a shiny new website for vicspowdermugs.com and I hope you like it!  I plan to use this blog to share information about new items I am working on throughout the year. I'll also include a little bit about the process, behind the scenes photos and a list of supplies that I used. Because I am a librarian IRL (and I can't resist), you may see book recommendations included along the way. #readersgottaread

I've been busy making lists of new tumbler designs I want to try out, watching lots of maker tutorials and planning for another year of creations. I hope you enjoy following along with me.  


Just finished reading: Elevation by Stephen King